Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hello people!  This is the beginning of my "pescetarian project" where I will log the trial and errors of my new eating habits, explore the detrimental effects of the meat industry, and I hope to discover people's viewpoints and opinions on the subject matter (so please, feel free to post any comments!).
    I decided to become a pescetarian (vegetarian except I occasionally eat seafood) the beginning of September.  I've always been very passionate about the environment, and trying to do my part to conserve what we have left.  On the other hand, I really love food (really), so giving up meat has always been on my list of things to do, but I just never seemed to get there.  Every time in the past that I would try to become vegetarian, I would make it usually a day- but then I would get home and discover my mom or my roommate had made some delicious meal with pot roast, baked ziti, etc., and I could never resist. 

   But since I have been in my Historical Ecology class, where we discuss twice a week what can be done to help the environment and raise awareness, my eating habits have been weighing on my mind heavily.  So I decided once and for all that I should become a pescetarian (I figured I would be less likely to cheat if I could still have seafood).  

    This blog is a place I hope to use to discuss how our diets are affecting our environment.  Don't worry guys, my goal is not to brain wash you into becoming a pescetarian/vegetarian/vegan or any of the above.  I just don't think many people realize what is going on around the world, and how our eating choices can help the planet- even if you eat one meatless meal a day, or have one meatless meal a week.   And please, leave any comments you wish- I hope to learn from my readers as much as the other way around.

    Alright,  after this post commences the "nitty gritty" part.  I'll be researching and studying the environmental effects of producing/eating meat and posting my findings here, plus how my personal diet is coming along (and I promise to be honest if I cheat!), and any other interesting tid-bits I come across.  You'll be hearing from me soon!



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